Music is an integral part of human experience. Used in celebrations, rituals, and everyday life, it expresses the heights and depths of human feelings and emotions, the joys and the sorrows encountered by all. Significantly, the study of music combines human emotional experience and intellectual cognition. A comprehensive music education program allows all students to develop fully those qualities that will help them understand and enjoy life. It provides a means for creativity and self-expression. Through music they learn that their thoughts and feelings can be communicated nonverbally by composing and improvising original music involving higher-order thinking processes, such as those involved in skill mastery, analysis, and synthesis.

tk students playing music

TK-3 Primary Music

The IUSD Primary Music program is offered in TK-3rd grades at all elementary schools in the distr

4-6 Music

Irvine Unified School District is recognized as a national leader in arts education.

Instrumental Music

Music is an integral part of human experience.

Vocal Music

Vocal Music in the Irvine Unified School District is offered to all students in grades 4-12