4-6 Music

Irvine Unified School District is recognized as a national leader in arts education. As a result of generous contributions from the Irvine Company, all students in grades four through six will receive two  40 minute music lessons per week, taught by highly qualified credentialed music educators. We are thrilled to offer each child access to quality arts learning experiences everyday through the best artistic instruction so that every child can realize their aspiration.

Students will be expected to remain in their selected music class for the remainder of the school year.  Each class requires homework and practice assignments. Students will receive academic and effort grades.

4th Grade

All students can choose between learning to play a string instrument or develop as a singer. Both string students and vocal students learn music literacy and develop the fundamental skills to make music on their selected instrument. Strings students can choose between the violin, viola, or cello. Once they select their instrument, their teacher will size them, or measure them, for the correct size of instrument. 

5th Grade

Students can choose to continue on their string instrument, begin a wind instrument, or join vocal music to develop as a singer. Students in string music will be sized by their teacher. Students in wind music can select the flute, the clarinet, the alto saxophone, the trumpet, the trombone or the baritone. 

6th Grade

Students can choose to continue on their string instrument, continue on their wind instrument, or join vocal music class.


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