Gifted and Advanced Learners


IUSD's GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program is designed to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of advanced learners. Research tells us that gifted children demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or achievement in one or more domains while possessing unique and diverse learning characteristics. They often have highly creative abilities, strong memories, and subtle or mature senses of humor. Some, but not all, gifted students love the learning process and crave knowledge and understanding across a broad spectrum of topics. IUSD's GATE program is committed to providing a comprehensive educational model that meets the diverse and varied needs of each gifted student. IUSD program options serve students in 4th through 8th grades and are grounded in current research and best practices in the field of gifted education. 

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Update April 1: All Multiple Criteria Measures (MCM) used in the GATE and APAAS processes were completed prior to the transition to Emergency Distance Learning (EDL). The GATE MCM screening process will be finalized in mid-June and parents will be notified via email at the time if their student is GATE Identified. The APAAS application closed on March 31 and applicants will be notified of program acceptance in mid-April.