Transportation FAQs

  1. Q. Who needs a bus pass?
    1. Students that live within the boundaries of school sites with bus service.


  1. Q. Why do I have to pay to ride the bus?
    1. When the state and federal decided to no longer add additional funding for student transportation to the general funds, it was decided to discontinue transportation service. It was reinstated in a few areas with the condition it would be a pay-to-ride service. 
  2. Q. How do I get a bus pass?
    1. By completing an annual online bus pass application.


  1. Q. Where can I get an application for a bus pass?
    1. IUSD Website- 


  1. Q. What are the office hours of Transportation?
    1. Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Non-student days 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.


  1. Q. Can I get a pass by mail?
    1. No, we no longer support these requests.


  1. Q. What does an annual pass cost?
    1. Fees start at $390.00 per student.


  1. Q. Does everyone pay the same price for a pass?
    1. No, fees are according to income.


  1. Q. What if I cannot afford a bus pass?
    1. Free/reduced bus passes are available to those who qualify. For further information, please call 949-936-5370 – ext. 2 / to schedule an appointment; no walk-in.


  1. Q. How do I qualify for the reduced rates?
    1. By meeting the qualifying requirements. For further information, please call 949-936-5370 – ext. 2 / to schedule an appointment; no walk-in.


  1. Q. Do I have to buy an annual pass?
    1. Yes, they are only sold annually.


  1. Q. Are there any deadlines for purchasing passes?
    1. No. Bus Passes are sold on a first-come, first-served basis; a waitlist will be created once the bus reaches capacity.



  1. Q. Does my Kindergartener need to be met?
    1. Yes, the Department of Education requires a parent, guardian, or designee to meet all Kindergarteners.


  1. Q. Can my Kindergartener be released on their own?
    1. No, the Department of Education requires that a parent, guardian, or designee meet all Kindergarteners.   
  2. Q. What if my child loses or misplaces their pass?
    1. Replacement passes $20.00. 
  3. Q. What if we move or have no further need for busing?
    1. IUSD's policy is no refund unless you move out of district or state. 
  4. Q. Are one-way passes available?
    1. Yes, only if purchased annually for $195.00.


  1. Q. What if I only need a pass one or two days a week?
    1. Sorry, the district does not support a daily ride pass.


  1. Q. Can I use a Credit/Debit card to purchase a bus pass?
    1. Yes, a credit/debit card can be used online only by selecting the My School Bucks link / at a 4.95% convenience fee. Use the link below:

  1. Q. Does my student need to carry the bus pass?
    1. Yes, they need to show their bus pass to the driver each time they board the bus; if not in their possession, they may be asked to go to the office and call their parents or guardians.
  2. Q. What if we move to another area in Irvine, and the stop differs from the one on the pass?
    1. A new pass can be purchased for $20.00 in exchange for the old pass.

If you have further questions, please call 949 936-5375 ext. 2.

  1. Q. What are the ending dates for the semesters?
    1. Year Round – July 19, 2023, to June 7, 2024.

Traditional – August 24, 2023, to June 7, 2024.

  1. Q. Can bus passes be transferred to another student in the family?
    1. No, the bus pass is not transferable.


  1. Q. What about rules and regulations for riding the bus?
    1. All students riding the bus must abide by safety rules set forth by the state. 

See Bus Conduct and Safety rules on web site. 


  1. Q. What happens if a student violates the rules?
    1. The Student may be denied bus transportation. Refer to your bus pass application for your acknowledgment.


  1. Q. Are seatbelts required on school buses?
    1. Yes, if the bus is equipped with seatbelts, they must be worn; school buses that were manufactured on or after July 1, 2004, and "Type 1" school buses manufactured on or after July 1, 2005, are required by statute to be equipped with lap/shoulder belts (Vehicle Code (VC) Section 27316). But alternative methods of safety must be in effect.


  1. Q. Does IUSD or its contractors have seatbelts on the buses?
    1. For the onsite contractor it is required to have buses equipped with seatbelts, but there may be exceptions when the District requires additional resources, and the contractor can only provide buses older than 2004; this would be as a temporary accommodation till buses become available. Our outside vendors may have buses that are older than 2004 and it is not mandatory to retrofit buses, per the Department of Education, or Vehicle Code.


  1. Q. On buses without seatbelts, what safety measures are taken?
    1. "Compartmentalization" - containing students within a structurally reinforced passenger compartment of fully padded high back seats and crash barriers.


  1. Q. What if I have complaints or concerns regarding bus transportation?
    1. Please call IUSD Transportation at (949) 936-5370 Ext. 2,

Monday - Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Rev. 05/01/23

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