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Substitute teachers and instructional assistants are indispensable to the smooth functioning of any educational institution.

Instructional assistants support instructional personnel by reinforcing lessons for individuals or small groups, offering one-on-one instructional and behavioral assistance. They contribute to lesson preparation and routine clerical tasks, playing a crucial role in maintaining an effective learning environment. Instructional Assistants are essential in ensuring a seamless educational experience.

Substitute teachers play a crucial role in maintaining educational continuity by providing large and small group instruction during the regular teacher's absence. They are responsible for developing and implementing classroom lesson plans, ensuring a structured and orderly learning environment, and performing tasks such as grading papers and checking homework based on the duration of the assignment.

IUSD offers a comprehensive benefits package with paid sick leave, paid holidays and paid vacation.

To learn more about the positions and to apply, please visit edjoin.org/iusd