Welcome Back To School!

Image of education technology team

IUSD's traditional schools started the 2017-18 school year on August 24. IUSD is excited to make this an awesome school year! Visit https://storify.com/IUSD/iusd-first-day-2017-18 for first-day photos and stories from IUSD staff, schools and families. Share your first-day story on your social media platforms using #iusdFirstDay2017!

Below are some photos of our District teams, who are looking forward to this new school year and to supporting our teachers, staff, students and families.  

Superintendent Terry Walker with the District Cabinet team, getting ready for the first day of school, continuing IUSD's tradition of excellence and providing students with the best educational experience we can envision.

The curriculum and Instruction department did their homework and is ready for the first day of school!

The Business Services team maximizes IUSD's fiscal resources, providing quality educational facilities and maintaining schools to the highest standards.

The IUSD Educational Technology team focuses on supporting teachers and students in the classroom by providing professional learning opportunities to help staff leverage technology to engage students and enhance learning.

IUSD's HR team is committed to recruiting and retaining extraordinary professionals and leaders for all schools, departments and programs.

Education Services provides a wide rage of services, including academics, physical education, Special Education, Student Support Services and more.  All of which are focused on positive student outcomes.

Keith Tuominen is part of the part of the Education Service Department and is Executive Director of Secondary Education.

Stan Machesky is part of the part of the Education Service Department and is Executive Director of Primary Education.