Weekly Five: Tips to Record and Reflect

weekly 5

The Weekly 5 for May 11-15 offers tips to help IUSD students and families record and reflect on their experiences during this historical moment in our Nation’s history due to the COVID-19 crisis. Students can become a historian or journalist, sharing their unique experiences, while sharpening writing, research, creative and wellness skills.  

  1. Create a historical timelog. Write in a diary or journal your thoughts, reflections along with unique events that are happening right now. 

  2. Extra, extra! Act like a journalist and interview family members about their time during the stay-at-home orders. This can be done over the phone or over video chat in order to maintain social distancing. 

  3. Use your artistic skills and scrapbook your experiences. Use whatever craft materials you have around the house and create a scrapbook about the last couple of months or weeks. 

  4. Create a slideshow of memorable moments! Use PowerPoint or Google Slides to document what family life is like right now at home.

  5. Lights, camera, action! Become a director and pull together a short film of all your videos from these past couple of weeks, using Flipgrid, iMovies and other available programs.  

For information and resources related to COVID-19, go to iusd.org/covid19.