Proposition 28: A Boost for Arts Education in IUSD

Proposition 28 New Class/Art Examples

In 2022, California voters resoundingly approved Proposition 28: The Arts and Music in Schools (AMS) Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act. 

Proposition 28 Background

This proposition marked a significant step forward in ensuring the vitality and accessibility of arts education across the state. Prop. 28 allocates one percent of the K–12 portion of Proposition 98 funding, to support arts instruction in schools, laying the groundwork for a flourishing artistic landscape within educational institutions.

The proposition details that 80% of the funds must be designated for employee hiring and retention, and the remaining 20% is earmarked for new art classes, equipment and enriching art experiences such as field trips.

How the Funding Works in IUSD

For IUSD, Prop. 28 funds augment the District’s existing investments and commitment to the arts by providing additional opportunities and enrichment for students. Leveraging these funds, IUSD has hired full-time arts teachers and expanded arts instruction. From doubling visual art lessons for pre-kindergarten to 6 grades to introducing innovative classes and programs at the secondary level, IUSD has embraced a multifaceted approach to using the funds to enhance the educational experiences for all students.

At the elementary level, students are now receiving primary music education every week, rather than every other week and double the number of visual art lessons from a certified art teacher. This includes new art mediums such as printmaking and watercolor. Students also have the option to participate in various after-school programs that allow students to take their creativity beyond the classroom. At the middle school level, students now have access to an array of offerings, including ukulele classes, ceramics, musical theater and non-traditional music ensembles.

New high school-level courses range from hip-hop dance to digital media arts. Students have also been able to expand their learning through dynamic collaborations with industry professionals.

Across grade levels and various sites, schools have purchased new kilns for additional ceramics classes, instruments for new music classes and additional equipment to enhance the new programs. IUSD will continue to add new classes and equipment based on the annual funds. 

Director of Arts IUSD, Erin Zoumaras further emphasized, "The new art classes from the funding are in addition to  IUSD’s robust and existing investments in arts education.   Proposition 28 has amplified the District’s efforts and paved the way for a future where every student can have the opportunity to unleash their creative potential.”

Zoumaras also recognized the Irvine Company, which has committed nearly $50 million over 20 years through the Excellence in Education Enrichment Fund to support IUSD’s art, science and music education for students in grades four through six.

“Our arts education in IUSD continues to flourish with these additional Prop. 28 funds and with community support like that of Irvine Company and its Chairman Donald Bren,” she said.  

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