IUSD in the News: Uni High junior joins sister in earning a perfect score on the SAT

A University High School junior has achieved perfection on the SAT college entrance exam -- four years after her older sister did the same.

Grace Xu, 16, learned the good news on Oct. 24, glimpsing her perfect score of 2400 on her mother’s cell phone, according to this story in the Orange County Register. (A subscription is required.) Back in 2009, Hope Xu, who was also a junior at Uni, experienced similar feelings of disbelief and elation after checking her score online.

Needless to say, running the table on the SAT is a very rare feat. According to the Register, 0.03 percent of 1.66 million 2013 graduates received a 2400. The percentage was a little higher in California, at 0.04 percent. Data for more recent test-takers will be released in 2015.

CBS News in Los Angeles also has a version of the story on its website.