Internet Safety Month

Internet Safety Month Graphic

June is Internet Safety Month, which is an opportunity to remind our IUSD community about the importance of digital citizenship and safety online. Digital citizenship refers to establishing norms of behavior related to technology, including the internet and social media, that foster safe, respectful and responsible use. 

Below are some helpful digital citizenship and safety tips and resources from our Information Technology team: 

  • Think before you post. 
  • Avoid oversharing. 
  • When using social media, only connect with people you trust and report suspicious activity.
  • Protect your privacy. Make sure all social media accounts are private and when creating passwords, avoid using common words.
  • Fact-check where your information comes from.
  • Practice digital wellness, like setting screen time limits. 

Common Sense Media ( is a platform frequently used by teachers and can help families receive trusted reviews on thousands of books, games, TV shows and movies to ensure safe media consumption.

Additional information and resources for both students and parents can be found on our digital citizenship webpage