Work Permits

Work permits can be obtained from an administrator at your school site.


request for work permits

work permits 

Work permit applications are processed at your school site during the following days/hours:

  • Creekside High:  Contact 949-936-7402 for further information.
  • Irvine High:  Contact 949-936-7002 for further information.
  • Northwood High:  Contact 949-936-7202 for further information. 
  • Portola High:  Contact 949-936-8202 for further information.
  • University High:  Contact 949-936-7602 for further information. 
  • Woodbridge High:  Contact 949-936-7821 for further information. 



Work Permit Applications must be signed by the employer.

  • A parent or guardian must also sign the application.
  • A social security number is required to process a work permit.
  • Students will need to bring the completed application along with photo identification.
  • The completed “official” work permit is signed by the student and taken to his/her employer.
  • Each new job requires a new work permit.
  • There is no minimum GPA required for summer work permits.
  • All summer work permits will expire five days after school begins.

Entertainment Work Permits:

Entertainment Work Permits can be obtained during the summer months by downloading an application at:

During summer, the “school record” section is left blank. Attach a copy of the minor’s recent report card. Send completed application, including a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Division of Labor Standards

c/o Entertainment Work Permits

6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 100

Van Nuys, California 91401