IUSD Science Course Progressions

IUSD Science Course Progressions

IUSD’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Implementation Committee, which consists of middle school and high school teachers, principals, elementary science specialists and sixth grade classroom teachers, counselors, university partners and parents (71 participants in total), convened in spring of 2016 to review NGSS course design options, developed by IUSD’s NGSS Development Committee. 

The following are middle school and high school course models. 

curriculum organization graphic updated MSI graphic HS3 updated graphic HS updated graphic


IUSD Secondary Science Course Progressions

The review process included an evaluation of whether the course design options met the following mutual interests identified by the NGSS Implementation Committee:

  • College and career readiness for all students
  • Clear communication for all stakeholders
  • Equity of access and consistency of experience for all students
  • Engaging science experiences with real world applications for all students
  • Instructional needs of all students met appropriately
  • Manageable and strategic transition to NGSS for all stakeholders
  • Teacher and administrator efficacy, readiness, and preparedness