1. Expulsion procedures will be initiated by the principal of the school in which the pupil is enrolled.  He/she will notify the Superintendent on the day of suspension, that an act has been committed by the pupil in violation of E.C. Section 48900 or 48915 which warrants expulsion.

2. The principal shall prepare the following sections of the expulsion packet as follows:

a. Statement of Charges
b. Suspension Letter
c. Recommendation for Expulsion
d. Assistant Principal’s Statement, if applicable
e. Witness(es)’ Statements
f.  Police Report (available by District counsel from IPD)
g. Pupil’s Transcript
h. Pupil’s Current Class Schedule
i.  Pupil’s Current Academic Progress
j.  Pupil’s Attendance Record
k. Pupil’s Health Record
l.  Pupil’s Citizenship Record
m. Certification of Record
n. Recommendations for Readmission

3.  The Superintendent or designee shall:

a.  advise the principal regarding legal timelines to be observed in the expulsion proceedings.
b.  complete the expulsion packet by preparing the following sections:

1.  Cover Letter to Parents
2.  Notice of Hearing Letter
3.  Notice of Hearing Rights
4.  Applicable Education Code Sections
5.  Applicable Board Policies
6.  Letter for Suspension Extension Hearing
7.  Order Extending Suspension
8.  Official Notice of  Board of Education’s Decision with Conditions and Procedures for Readmission, if applicable (signed by Superintendent).

c.  convene an administrative hearing panel;
d.  schedule a hearing at the earliest possible time within the legal LIMITS;
e.  communicate with the parent(s)/guardian(s), as necessary, throughout the expulsion proceedings;
f.  conduct the expulsion hearing before the administrative panel or arrange for legal counsel to conduct the hearing;
g.  present the administrative hearing panel’s findings and recommendation to the Board of Education; and
h.  notify the pupil and the pupil’s parent(s)/guardian(s) of the Board of Education’s decision by certified letter.

Revised:  July  2001