In support of the District's ongoing commitment to Continuous Improvement Efforts related to both organizational and staff development, the following guidelines are established in order to provide parameters for district-wide and school-based improvement programs.

1. Staff and program development shall be focused on the Board adopted Continuous Improvement Efforts.

2. General Parameters
All schools must schedule:

exactly 180 days of student instruction

a minimum of 1 teacher work day beyond the 180

staff development days as negotiated with ITA Calendar Committee

3. Scheduling of the school site staff and program development day(s) include parent input through the School Site Council, and shall be identified for the subsequent school year and communicated in writing to parents and child care providers prior to the end of the current school year. School sites shall communicate to parents both the purpose for and results of staff and program development efforts undertaken by the school staff.

4. Exceptions
Exceptions to any of the above general parameters require specific district approval and may require a waiver by the Irvine Teachers Association.

April 4, 1995
Revised July 1999