The Irvine Unified School District recognizes that a key to education success and professional growth is a productive staff development program. The District supports the fundamental concept that the organization must assist its employees in the constant changing and improvement of skills. Accordingly, staff development is viewed as both an opportunity for personal growth and as a necessity for organizational success. A balanced and progressive staff development program to meet the identified student and/or personal needs must:

  • appropriately serve all employee classifications and levels
  • provide tangible, attractive and accessible opportunities for individual growth
  • provide an appropriate balance among skills training, skills maintenance, and program development
  • provide opportunities for employee groups and/or individuals to create staff development programs to meet identified needs
  • provide procedures for the development, evaluation and modification of staff development proposals.


Policy Adopted: November 15, 1978

Administrative Regulation: 4131.1 Guidelines for In-district Courses Receiving Salary Credit
Administrative Regulation: 4131.2 Staff Development Day Guidelines