Recognizing that the loss of a member of the school community is deeply felt, schools will support staff, students and families who feel the loss, and will assist with connections to appropriate community resources. As places designed primarily to support learning, school sites should not serve as the main venue for the memorializing of students or staff.

Permanent memorials for deceased students or staff shall be limited in form to perpetual awards or scholarships, plantings or collections of books or items of historical or educational significance. Memorials shall be limited to one per loss. Plantings should take place in an optional viewing site on the side or perimeter of the campus. Plaques may be created and given to the family at time of planting / scholarship / contribution, or displayed in a designated optional viewing site until the end of that particular school year and then given to the family.

Temporary school-wide memorials for deceased students or staff may include plaques or other displays that are returned to the family at the end of the school year. Memorial symbols displayed by individuals on campus shall be limited to the school year within which the death occurred.

The school or district reserves the right to establish design parameters so that a memorial blends with the architecture or setting of the facility, and/or blends with existing memorials.

Policy Adopted: December 14, 1999

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