The Board of Education shall stipulate working conditions, rights, responsibilities, and compensation for all employees designated as members of the Leadership Team.

The Board is committed to the "Leadership Team" concept which recognizes the Board’s need for competent and effective administration as the means whereby the Board develops sound policy and implements effective school programs.

The "Leadership Team" concept is based upon the following principles:

  • Open communication between the Board and management is vital to the development and implementation of sound educational proposals.
  • Those who make policy need information from the Leadership Team as to the potential impact of specific policy proposals.
  • Understanding of and subsequent implementation of policy is greatly strengthened by active participation of the Leadership Team in its formulation.

The Leadership Team is composed of those individuals who have the responsibility to:

  • assist in formulating and recommending policy and procedures
  • administer programs
  • direct and supervise employees
  • recommend employment/dismissal, evaluate, transfer, and assign
  • facilitate negotiations and administer contracts
  • develop, recommend and administer budgets.

While the "Leadership Team" concept places emphasis upon shared responsibility and authority, nothing in the policy intends to limit the authority of the Board to make decisions/policy as prescribed by law. 

It is the goal of the Board of Education to attract and employ the best public school administrators in the field to provide instructional leadership for the District as members of the Irvine Leadership Team. To achieve this goal, the Board shall provide a reasonable compensation system, including salary and benefits, health and welfare benefits, professional improvement opportunities, maintenance of management rights and optimum working conditions.  The Irvine Administrators Association and the Superintendent shall annually review the Leadership Team compensation structure and present recommendations to the Board of Education for their consideration.

The Board recognizes and makes a commitment to ongoing professional improvement programs to encourage continued growth of members, as well as encouraging team members to accept responsibilities in the profession and professional organizations.

Leadership team members shall be afforded all rights and privileges for leaves of absence, due process, and other working conditions, as provided by District policy and the Education Code.

Policy Adopted: February 15, 1984
Policy Revised: November, 2004

Administrative Regulation