Community College Information

The California Community College System is the largest system of higher education in the world, serving 2.6 million students on 110 college campuses throughout California.  Community colleges offer a smooth transition to a four-year institution.  Sixty percent of students who graduate from a California State University and 30 percent of students who graduate from a University of California began at a California Community College.  Eighty percent of the students who attend a community college also work at the same time.

Most community college campuses, like four-year institutions, provide a large variety of services to assist students in pursuing their educational and career goals.  Such services include academic advising, disabled student services, honors programs, learning and tutoring programs, scholarships, child care and career centers. For many students, the community college offers a quality lower-division academic or vocational college education at value prices. 

Programs include:

  • Associate degree programs in arts and sciences (lower division requirements)
  • Certificate programs in arts, sciences, technical and occupational fields (including health, business, computer science, agriculture, police and fire science, building trades, and more)
  • Credit and non-credit classes
  • English training
  • Citizenship classes
  • Remedial or “catch-up” classes
  • Community education classes

For learners interested in transferring to a UC school, they can be guaranteed admission to most majors via the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Program. Below are the list of UC's that currently offer the TAG Program:

UC Davis UC Irvine UC Merced
UC Riverside UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz

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