Are you interested in volunteering at IUSD? Here are the necessary steps to become an approved IUSD volunteer. Please contact the school where you will be volunteering for more information regarding becoming an approved IUSD volunteer.
  1. Fill out the online volunteer application. Click here for the online application
  2. After completing the online application, contact the school site(s) you will be volunteering at to get more information about completing the screening process.
  3. Once the screening is complete, you will be an approved volunteer until the start of the next school year. All volunteers will be required to reapply at the start of each school year.
For volunteer resources, visit the Raptor section of our Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the volunteer screening?

The volunteer screening checks for offenses against the county, state, and national sex offender’s registry.

Has IUSD always checked volunteers against the sex offender’s registry?


Who needs to be screened against the sex offender’s registry?

Any visitor or volunteer who travels beyond the front office.

Do I have to check in with a front office staff member every time I arrive to volunteer?

No. The first time you visit the school site you will be required to provide photo identification to a staff member for the screening process. After the first visit, you can sign yourself in and out using the self service kiosk.

Do I have to sign in at the self-service kiosk in the front office every time I arrive to volunteer?

Yes, Raptor will be used to track your volunteer hours for the PTA.

What happens if I forget to sign out?

All volunteers will automatically be signed out at the end of the day. You will have to login to your volunteer portal in order to adjust your hours.

What is the volunteer portal?

The volunteer portal is where all IUSD approved volunteers can sign up to volunteer, communicate with other volunteers, and track their hours.

Can I manually add hours using the volunteer portal?


How long does the signing in take?

Signing in at the self-service kiosk takes approximately 15 seconds.

What forms of ID are acceptable?

State issued driver’s license, state issued identification cards, or passport cards are all acceptable forms of ID.

Will parents that used the paper form at the beginning of the year need to reapply to be a volunteer with the new system?


How often do I have to reapply to volunteer?

Volunteers will be required to apply at the start of every school year.

What is IUSD doing with the application information?

The information is shared with the PTA to match parents with volunteer opportunities relevant to their interests.

What information is shared with the PTA?

Volunteer interests and volunteer hours are shared with the PTA.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact the front office of the school where you volunteer for more information.