College and Career Readiness Resources for Parents

As parents, family members and caring adults, you play a critical role in your child’s education and in supporting IUSD’s mission to nurture the diverse gifts and capabilities within each individual; challenge every student and adult learner to persevere for excellence; develop competent, resourceful, resilient and empowered learners prepared to meet the challenges of a complex future; and enhance the human capacity for courage, compassion and contribution. 
To achieve this mission and to ensure we are developing well-rounded, healthy critical thinkers who are prepared for the future, IUSD takes a multipronged approach that is a combination of academic performance, intellectual risk taking, and health and wellness.  In addition, we continually collaborate with higher education institutions and the business community (Edward Life Sciences, Broadcom, Google and more) about what they are looking for in future students and employees so that, as a K-12 institution, we are best preparing our students for success.
Perhaps Google has summed it up best.
“On the technical side, we look for candidates who are not only excellent at coding, but also good at collaborating, comfortable with ambiguity and passionate about their work. We’re not looking for an isolated skill set, but need people with a variety of strengths and passions. To find these people, we look more closely at how you think than how your transcript reads. We want people who won’t get stuck trying to find the right answer, but instead, will puzzle out multiple possible answers and then synthesize one, elegant solution.” - Mary Hamershock, Director of Technical Recruiting Google
Below are resources to help you as you prepare your child for college and/or career. 

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