Summer School


Dear IUSD Parents,

IUSD will have two summer opportunities; The On-Site summer program held at Irvine High School and the “Blended” program, where students do much of their work on-line guided by teachers and attend weekly or bi-weekly (HS Math Bridge and Chemistry) meetings at San Joaquin for in-class activity, discussions, and assessment. Both programs will commence on June 11 and go through July 24 with July 3-5 off for the Independence Day Holiday.

  • Registration for course requests for both programs requires two steps: on-line AND in-person. The registration for On-Site summer school will be separate from blended learning and both program course catalogs and course request links can be found below. A “Course Request and Acknowledgment Form” will need to be submitted in-person at one of the registration sites. Dates, locations, and times will be posted in the course catalog on page 5 starting on March 20. In-person registration will start after the Spring Break holiday (April 9 – April 26).
  • If students wish to take a "Blended" course and an "On-Site" course, that is fine.  Students are only allowed two courses, unless a third course is Drivers' Education.  Students must complete the course requests and print the confirmation forms for each program and submit each, separately in-person.

As in summers past, The Irvine Unified School District Summer School program operates under a donation model. While some districts have opted to cut their summer programs due to budget restraints, the Irvine Unified School District is seeking to preserve this valuable opportunity by asking for donations from participating families. The Summer School program presents an incredible opportunity for our students, whether theyre pursuing remediation, enrichment or the chance to get ahead. As such, were hoping our funding model is sufficient enough to run all of our course offerings and satisfy the needs of every family.



Matthew Pate                       

On– Site Summer School Coordinator

Rebecca Roberts

Blended Summer School Coordinator


On-Site Program at Irvine High School

On-Site High School Summer Program Course Catalog: summer_school_course_catalog_2019.pdf

High School Summer On-Site Program On-Line Course Request: Click Here

Blended Program at San Joaquin High school

High School Summer Blended Program Course Catalog: san_joaquin_summer_school_course_catalog_-_2019.pdf

High School Summer Blended Program On-Line Course Request: Click Here



The Irvine Unified School District is excited to offer its annual Middle School Summer School program for grades 7-8 at Jeffrey Trail Middle School and Lakeside Middle School.  Middle School Summer School is by invitation only.


The Extended Learning Program will run from June 12th to July 12th. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 11:30am at Jeffrey Trail Middle School or Lakeside Middle School.  This program is designed for students needing additional support in one or more of the following: mathematics, language arts, or English language development.  Registration materials for Extended Learning will be sent home to eligible students in April.  Parents and students are encouraged to discuss summer school enrollment with their counselors and teachers, paying careful attention to the information noted in the 2019 Summer School Course Catalog.


The Math Bridge Course will run from June 10th to July 5th and will meet for six in-person class sessions at Lakeside Middle School (see 2019 Middle School Summer Course Catalog for specific dates).  Registration for the MS Math Bridge Course has now closed.


Kylene Carter                     

Middle School Summer School Coordinator