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Information Technology

Q: Will students have access to devices, internet and WiFi for instruction?

A: IUSD will provide students with the technology that they need for learning.  Every student who needs a Chromebook will have the opportunity to check one out.  Students who do not have internet access at home may also request a hotspot.  


Q: How will families check out devices?

A: IUSD will be offering some school-based and centralized checkouts. More information about the checkout process will be emailed to families and posted to the IUSD website in August.


Q: How can families access IT support for devices?

A: Families can contact our Help Desk for IT support. 


     Website: https://support.iusd.org
     Email: helpdesk@iusd.org
     Phone:  949-936-5060


     The Technology Help Desk is available 7am-4pm Monday-Friday (hours are extended during peak periods).
     The Help Desk website also offers more than 400 tutorials that address the most common questions related to IUSD technology.



Q: Can we as a district agree on one online platform? Google Classroom (Elem.) Canvas (MS/HS)?

A: Canvas and Google Classroom are the two learning management systems supported by the District.  Canvas will be the platform utilized by our Virtual Academy and most classrooms within IUSD as it allows us to provide direct access to the electronic resources provided through our adopted curriculum publishers.  The district is also working on creating Canvas template courses for each grade level and secondary subject area that has been pre-populated with both district supported curricular resources as well as platform elements to support live instructional activities, student collaboration, and small group instruction while maintaining, as best possible, one central location to access all learning resources and opportunities.


Q: Is the District looking at any other platforms for online sessions than Zoom?

A:  In addition to Zoom, IUSD uses Google Meet and Big Blue Button for online sessions.  IUSD has contracts with each of these vendors to ensure that best practices related to student privacy and security are followed.


Q: Will students share Chromebooks in class?

A:  IUSD will provide each child with the technology he/she needs to support learning.  In general, we do not expect Chromebooks to be shared between students.  In some cases, students may need to access specialized technology (e.g., a graphic design computer lab).  In those cases, the district will implement cleaning procedures between uses.



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