Emergency Distance Learning Plan

Emergency Distance Learning refers specifically to days in which school buildings are closed due to emergency conditions and learning is continued off site with the support of classroom teachers and in collaboration with students and parents.  During Emergency Distance Learning days, students engage remotely in meaningful learning activities that support and continue current classroom learning.  Using curriculum tools and technology, our teachers provide opportunities for students to both ask questions and receive feedback on their learning.  The overarching goal of an Emergency Distance Learning Day is continuity of learning and the preservation of academic growth and progress.

  • Teachers have prepared an Emergency Distance Learning plan to implement with students and parents.  For older students, all learning activities are designed to be completed independently.  For our youngest students who may not be able to read independently, parents or caregivers are asked to assist with facilitation of learning.
  • Students engage with the classroom teacher’s instructions for learning.  These instructions may be organized using Google Classroom, Canvas, or sent within an email to parents and students.  Students and parents can contact teachers by voicemail or email for questions or to receive additional information.
  • Teachers will regularly check and respond to email and voicemail to address student and parent questions.


  • TEACHERS will prepare for Emergency Distance Learning days by:
    • Using instructional planning and development resources provided for their use.
    • Participating in group professional learning.
    • Responding to student and parent inquiry.
    • Monitoring and facilitating learning activities with their classes.
  • STUDENTS will prepare for Emergency Distance Learning days by:
    • Participating in in-school practice with their teachers.
    • Securing a device if needed from their school site.
  • PARENTS/FAMILIES will prepare for Emergency Distance Learning days by:
    • Reviewing communications and materials sent to them.
    • Understanding their role on such days.
    • Encouraging their students’ participation.

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