General FAQs:

Q: How did IUSD determine the trustee area map?

A: The Board conducted two public hearings and community informational meetings prior to the creation of map options to receive input from the community on trustee area criteria.  The District then retain a demographer to develop three draft map options referenced as "Green, Purple and Yellow".  The Board then conducted an additional public hearing to review the draft maps, at which time the Board requested adjustments to the draft "Purple" map.  The demographer created three additional maps referenced as "Purple II, Purple III and Purple IV".  The Board then conducted another public hearing to review the then total six draft trustee area maps.   The Board unanimously voted to transition from the current at-large system to a by-trustee area election method and unanimously selected the "Purple IV" map that best met the approved criteria.  The Orange County Committee on School District Organization is scheduled to review the map and process undertaken by IUSD on June 20, 2018 for final approval. 

Q: Was the by-trustee area electoral process approved, and when will it go into effect?

A: The Orange County Committee on School District Organization met on June 20, 2018 and approved the by-trustee area election process for electing IUSD Board members.   The by-trustee area election method and selected map will be in place in time for the November 2018 election.

Q: Looking at the trustee area map, why do some trustee areas cover more area / are larger than other trustee areas?

A:  The trustee area map was created based on resident population, specifically through census data.  The current census was completed in 2010, since then portions of the City of Irvine have undergone major residential development.  Each trustee area is required to be 20 percent of the population, with a maximum of 5 percent deviation for anticipated (or actual) growth, based on the 2010 census.  The trustee area map configuration will be reviewed and updated after each census; the next census will be completed in 2020.

The Federal Census is the only accepted actual count of population in the United States and is the only population dataset allowed for configuration of trustee areas. 

Q: Where can I get information on how to become a Board member?

A:  The Orange County Registrar of Voters office coordinates and oversees the process for community members to apply to be a Board member candidate.  The November 6, 2018 Candidate's Handbook  has valuable information.  Additional information may be found at ocvote.com

Q: Which trustee areas, as referenced on the trustee area map, will be up for election in November 2018?

A: The trustee areas referenced as areas 2 and 4 will be up for election in November 2018.

Q: Why isn't Trustee Area 4 appearing on the ballot or Registrar’s candidates list?

A: The Orange County Registrar of Voters is responsible for conducting the election process which requires prospective candidates to declare their candidacy by completing the candidate paperwork and process within the Nomination Period (July 16, 2018 to August 10, 2018). Pursuant to California Election Code 10515 and California Education Code 5326, if only one person declares their candidacy for a trustee area during the Nomination Period, and a petition signed by 10 percent of the voters or 50 voters, whichever is the smaller number, requesting that the election be placed on the ballot is not received by the 83rd day prior to Election Day (August 15, 2018), the election for that trustee area will not be included on the ballot and the candidate will be automatically appointed on the first Friday in December after the General Election (December 7, 2018).

Q: Where can I get more information?

A:  You can visit the Definitions and Background page by clicking here; or email your questions to info@iusd.org or submit your questions or comments by clicking here.