Connect to IUSD

There are a number of reasons to stay connected to IUSD, including receiving important news, along with accurate and timely information about our District and schools.  It is also important to know how to connect with IUSD during an emergency and throughout the pandemic. Below are tips for staying connected to IUSD, which is as easy as 1,2,3.  

Check your email, voicemail and text messages first

  • Please make sure your contact information in the Parent Portal is up to date.
  • If you unsubscribed from school or District emails, you will not receive important updates during an emergency.
  • To re-subscribe, please email



In the event of a school or districtwide emergency, please check these resources first.  They are updated in real time and will help you get the information you need immediately.

Following this protocol will also help keep phone lines open for staff and first responders.  To keep District contact information at your fingertips and available for the whole family you can:


• Download and save the
   Stay Connected with IUSD
   flier by clicking on the image
   to the right. 
stay connected graphic


• Click on this image below and save
   it to your mobile device. 
stay connected graphic


  • Create a contact on your mobile devices.  


In order for IUSD or your school to contact you via text message, in the event of an emergency, we need you to "opt-in" to this service first. By enabling this texting feature, and verifying that your mobile numbers in Parent Portal are correct, you are helping the District and your school reach you with important notifications.

It is easy to "opt-in" to receive text messages:
Text "Y" to 67587 from each wireless device you wish to receive texts on.
Not sure if you "opted-in" already? No problem! You can never "opt-in" too many times, just follow the step above.

For additional information, visit IUSD's Text Message Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more information about how IUSD prepares for emergencies and what you can do at home and work, visit