STAR Supports

STAR Home Supports are intended as resources for families with children who have autism or a developmental disability to support home learning and routines. Activities, ideas, visual supports, and webinars are included.


Autism Helper

This Emergency Home School Kit includes visuals, schedules, training tools, and 8 weeks of differentiated instruction.

kids globe

Digital Books

Parent resources for digital books.



AFIRM Support Strategies

A COVID-19 Toolkit from AFIRM which includes 7 support strategies designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with autism during this period of uncertainty.

project core

Project Core

A resource providing access to and understanding of Universal Core vocabulary and information about communication instruction during the naturally occurring academic and daily routines of the school day. A series of 12 free training modules are available.

Tar Heel Shared Reader

Tar Heel Shared Reader

Shared reading is an evidence-based intervention that can help improve language, communication, and interaction skills while building understanding of print concepts. During shared reading, adults focus on maximizing interact page-by-page while working toward helping students lead the interaction.