Mental Health & Wellness

  • Equally important to campus and personnel safety resources are mental health and wellness resources.
  • IUSD's Department of Prevention and Intervention provides social emotional and behavioral health supports for students at the elementary and secondary levels.  This includes Districtwide support staff:
    • Intervention Psychologists
    • Elementary Resource Counseling Specialists
    • Guidance Assistants
    • Mental Health Specialists
    • Project Success

For additional District and community resources, click here.

  • For a comprehensive list of District mental health and wellness resources, click here.  This includes social and emotional health, the Irvine Family Resource Center, crisis intervention and response, prevention and intervention, and District mental health and wellness contacts. 
  • We want our students and families to know that every student’s voice matters and that they are not alone, so please reach out, because we care and are here to help.  Visit for more information. 
  • IUSD's investments in mental health and wellness have also enable us to reduce and respond to bullying.  For comprehensive information about bullying, cyber bullying, and IUSD actions, click here.