Emergency Preparedness Interagency Collaborative

In 2014, the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD), founded the Emergency Preparedness Interagency Collaborative (EPIC), a joint partnership between public safety agencies and public and private education institutions in the Greater Irvine area. IUSD recognized early on while evaluating their emergency management program that effective planning and development were not done in isolation and it was critical for IUSD to participate regularly in high-level discussions with our community partners regarding emergency planning.

Therefore, the intention around its development, which is EPIC’s purpose statement today, is to build interagency collaboration through continuous education and partnerships in emergency management for safe school campuses. EPIC partners share best practices, training and data from incidents throughout the country. According to county and city officials, there is no other education partnership like EPIC in Orange County and it is rare to find a collaborative such as this in the state or nation.

EPIC partners have evolved over the years but have remained relatively consistent with the following active members: City of Irvine; Irvine Police Department; Irvine Valley College Police Department; University of California-Irvine Police Department; Orange County Fire Authority; Irvine Unified School District; Tustin Unified School District; Concordia University-Irvine; Tarbut V’Torah; Crean Lutheran High School; Mardan School; Irvine Chinese School; and Sage Hill School.

Other partners have assisted in fulfilling EPIC’s purpose over the years in a supportive capacity. These agencies include: the Orange County Sheriff’s Department-Emergency Management Division; the American Red Cross; and the Orange County Department of Education.