Summer Enrichment Activities to Keep Students Engaged and Prepared

Kids reading on grass

While children can certainly benefit from rest and relaxation during the summer break, maintaining academic momentum can also be important. Here are some summer enrichment reminders and opportunities to help ensure young minds stay sharp throughout the break:

Enriching Technology Tools

IUSD ensures that resources students rely on during the school year are available throughout the summer. 

Paper Tutoring

One of these resources is Paper, a free service for IUSD students that offers 24/7 access year-round with unlimited homework review and tutoring sessions.

Khan Academy

In partnership with IUSD, Khan Academy provides engaging lessons across various subjects. It also offers an effective SAT practice program for high school students preparing for college.

Summer Educational Programs

Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) 

IPSF offers a multitude of classes, allowing students to explore passions, discover new interests, and prepare for the upcoming school year. Age-appropriate classes are available for all grade levels, scheduled throughout the summer in different sessions. Register now.

City of Irvine Summer Camps 

The City of Irvine provides a diverse range of summer camps for students ages 4-17, running from June 10 to August 16. Children can join camps focused on cooking and culinary arts, crafts and art, dance, music, drama, education, social and recreational activities, sports, and teen activities. Register now.

UCI Nursing Camp for Middle and High School Students 

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) offers a nursing camp designed for middle and high school students interested in the healthcare field. This program provides hands-on experience and insight into nursing, helping students explore potential career paths in healthcare. Learn more.

Irvine Valley College (IVC) Extended Education 

IVC provides extended education programs during the summer. These programs include a variety of courses and workshops aimed at enhancing students' knowledge and skills in different subjects, catering to both personal and academic development. Learn more.

Have a fun and safe summer!