Optimistic Household Module 5 Now Available

Optimistic Household Module 5

The fifth module, in the six-part Optimistic Household series, is now available. This latest module, Uncovering Possibilities with a Growth Mindset, is a theme many of our students will find familiar.  IUSD has long believed that a growth mindset is critical in preparing students for their futures, including challenging colleges and careers.  Coupled with intellectual risk-taking, a growth mindset can empower learners to take on the responsibility of educational and emotional growth.

In this latest module, positive psychology expert Shawn Achor provides tools and activities to help families utilize a growth mindset to cope with life’s challenges, to excel in school or at work, to solve problems and more. Contrasting how those with a growth mindset are more likely to persevere in the face of setbacks to those with fixed mindsets, who are more likely to give up, Achor shares information to help parents work with their children to develop growth mindsets.    

To access Module 5, including a new video from Achor, see the July 24 email from IUSD for the password and visit iusd.org/OptimisticHousehold.  Using the password from the email, you will also be able to access previous modules on demand.  The final Optimistic Household module will be released on August 7.