Optimistic Household Module 4 Now Available

Optimistic Household Module 4

The fourth module, in the six-part Optimistic Household series, is now available. This latest module, Being Adaptive in the Midst of Uncertainty and Change, provides tools and activities to help families adapt to change, while staying on track and managing goals. To access Module 4, including a new video from positive psychology expert Shawn Achor, visit iusd.org/OptimisticHousehold and enter the password provided in the July 10 email from IUSD.

Previous modules have focused on the importance of building optimism during challenging times, developing and deepening social connections, and inoculating our brains from stress and anxiety. While we continue to navigate in an ever-changing and evolving environment, the information and tools provided may be helpful for families and students to face these challenges with grit and resiliency and to develop healthy habits. You can access and revisit previously released modules at any time by using the same web address and password listed above.

Optimistic Household was developed by Achor solely for IUSD as part of our ongoing efforts to connect students and families with resources that support learning and social emotional wellness at the highest levels. The remaining two modules will be released on July 24 and August 7.