Computer Science Week Dec. 9-13

IUSD Students Hour of Code

IUSD is participating in Computer Science (CS) Week, which is designed to inspire students to learn how to code, develop computer science skills, and to be prepared for the digital economy. For more information, visit

As part of CS Week, IUSD’s focus is on The Hour of Code, a global event reaching more than 100 million students in more than 180 countries. The Hour of Code was started six years ago, with the belief that anyone anywhere can learn how to code and that the benefits of coding for students include:

  • Students learn how to check their work for details, apply logic and persist at a task.
  • They also learn how to ask a good question, often in written form.
  • Students learn how to collaborate, because much programming today is accomplished in teams.

For fun coding activities any student can do, visit:

For more information and activities, visit