High School Attendance Areas (Fall 2018)

  • In fall 2018, all existing 12th grade students continue to attend the high school where they were previously attending during school year 2017-18 through completion of high school.  To see current high school boundaries and locate the high school currently serving your address if you will be in 12th grade in fall 2018, click HERE.
  • In fall 2018, all existing and newly enrolled 9th through 11th grade students who reside in the Portola High School attendance areaclick HERE.
    • NOTE: A student entering 9th through 11th grade with an older sibling concurrently attending a different IUSD high school may request to attend the same high school as the older sibling, if space permits.
  • In fall 2018, all 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are new to IUSD and now reside in IHS, NHS, UHS, or WHS's new attendance area will enroll at IHS, NHS, UHS or WHS based on the new high school boundaries. To locate the high school serving your address, click HERE.
  • In fall 2018, all 12th grade students who are newly enrolled in IUSD and reside in the new Portola High School attendance area will enroll at IHS, NHS, or UHS based on school boundaries for school year 2017-18 until Portola High School adds a grade for 12th grade students. Portola High School is now open to 9th through 11th grade and will add a new grade level each successive year. To see current high school boundaries and locate the high school that would serve your address, click HERE.
  • Current School Choice based on lottery and a 1 for 1 exchange will remain available.
  • All other district transfer policies and procedures remain in place to address parent and student requests for school placement.