50th Spotlights

The Founding Chief’s Vision Lives on at IUSD after Half a Century
Stan Corey

During Stan Corey’s 14-year tenure, the District’s first superintendent established a foundation that resulted in IUSD becoming one of California’s most successful school districts.  Five decades later, his vision still lives on. In this article, you'll learn more about IUSD’s earliest beginnings, including how Corey began sketching his vision for the District with just a yellow notepad and pencil, along with a  folding card table and chair for an office.  IUSD teachers Jo-Ann Welche, Shawn Gillespie and Archana Jain share how they are making the most of Corey’s concept of empowered accountability to continually improve teaching and learning.  More... 

The Arts are a Critical Part of IUSD's Culture


Since IUSD's inception, the District has been committed to supporting arts education.  We know first hand that the arts not only enable students to express themselves and gain confidence but they also help students find a sense of belonging and community, while developing important skills such as problem solving, creativity, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and the ability to perform under pressure. The Insights team caught up with Director of Arts Education Brad Van Patten, Instrumental Music Teacher Ben Case, current student Mei Ono and IUSD alum Franklin Kao to hear their perspectives about the importance of arts education now and into the future.  More...