Student Shadowing Project


Shadowing will involve following a student through his or her school day and capturing insights that enable us to improve the educational experience for that student and all of our students.


Shadowing a student means spending a day looking at the world through the eyes of a student. Shadowing can help us to understand our students’ needs, to empathize with challenges they face, and to record observations and insights so that we can personalize and improve learning experiences for all kids.

  • To understand our schools from a students’ perspective and to learn why they succeed or struggle by immersing ourselves in the experience of being a student for a day.
  • To understand more about how to engage students, how to promote intellectual risk taking, how to personalize our students’ experiences and how to strengthen our connection to our students.
  • To operationalize the guiding principles, practices and the development of the essential capacities as outlined in our Continuous Improvement Efforts.
  • To further a school and/or department specific goal by collecting data to support The Learning Cycle (TLC).

To view and/or download the Student Shadowing Project flier and manual, click on the PDF links below.