Report Cards

The purpose of our elementary report card, aligned to the California State Standards, is to communicate student progress toward meeting end-of-year grade level standards. This document has been prepared to assist you in understanding the reporting of your child’s progress. Implementation of the CA State Standards in Irvine will enable our teachers to focus more intently on instilling within our students both deep conceptual understanding of academic content and mastery of essential skills. The standards, as evidenced by the report card, emphasize not only the importance of students learning but the importance of students demonstrating their learning.

Irvine Unified’s mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in a rapidly changing world. The success of our mission is dependent upon building strong partnerships with our parents and communicating student progress to them in a clear and accessible manner. These report cards are designed to be a tool for both teachers and parents to communicate regarding grade level expectations and student progress toward them. We encourage you to utilize this tool to understand how you can support your student's learning and how we can work together to ensure that we provide the highest quality educational experience we can envision.

Parent Letter:  Reading the Report Card