Elementary Science Specialist Program

All fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in the Irvine Unified School District receive 120 minutes of hands-on science instruction each week. An additional 60 minutes of science instruction is provided by each child's classroom teacher. This program is unique among Orange County school districts!

This comprehensive science program includes a balanced curriculum of Earth & Space Sciences, Life, and Physical Science. Additionally, all students learn science through the lens of the Science and Engineering Practices and Cross Cutting Concepts. Students in 6th grade are encouraged to complete a Science Fair Project as part of their culminating year in our three-year program.

The IUSD Elementary Science Specialist Program is funded by the Donald Bren Foundation and reflects the priority that the Irvine Community and Board of Education place on elementary science education. This partnership ensures that the IUSD Elementary Science Specialist Program is one of the best in the state of California and the nation.

In 1987 the Elementary Science Specialist Program received the Ohaus Award for Innovation in Elementary Science Teaching from the National Science Teachers Association.

About the People

STEM Director:  Bob Curley

Coordinator of Elementary Science: Meg Vanek

Elementary Science TOSA: Kim Cashin

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