NGSS Overview

The Next Generation Science Standards, also referred to as NGSS, are a new set of K-12 standards that were developed through a collaborative state-led process by a group of leading scientists and science educators from 26 states to support two critical goals:

  • Educate all students in science and engineering.
  • Provide the foundational knowledge for those who will become the next scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians of the future.

Why the New Standards are Important:

Since the current standards were adopted in 1998, there have been major advances in science and our understanding of how students learn science. The new standards will equip students with the ability to think critically, analyze information and solve complex problems. 

NGSS Will Prepare Students to Succeed in a Global Economy:

The new science standards will foster an in-depth understanding of content and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving and flexibility that will serve students throughout their educational and professional lives. 

NGSS Implement in IUSD:

In 2012, the California Board of Education adopted the Next Generation Science Standards. This early adoption has enabled IUSD, and all California school districts, to plan and implement the new standards over multiple years. 

IUSD has focused on the alignment of curriculum; instructional shifts; and planning the implementation of NGSS by working through a Stakeholder Implementation Committee comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, universities and community members. Fall of 2018 will be year one of NGSS implementation in IUSD. 

NGSS is improving science education to ensure students are prepared for 21st century college and careers by equipping them with critical skills that not only apply to science, technology, engineering and math but across all disciplines and in the world around them. 

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