State & Federal Accountability

Below is information regarding IUSD's Language Development program State & Federal Accountability.

Local control accountability plan (LCAP)

In an effort to provide clear understanding for our stakeholders on the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and an executive summary of the IUSD LCAP, the attached infographic has been developed for our community. Click here to view infographic. Stakeholders that would like to have more detailed information can review the IUSD LCAP document below which includes attachments outlining our progress toward our goals. This document will also be used by principals to inform stakeholders and elicit their input on ideas for next steps in improving our instructional program and environment for students.

2022 Local Control and Accountability Plan 

2022 LCAP Local Performance Indicator Self Reflection Report

Continuous Improvements Efforts

Continuous Improvement Efforts 2022-2023


Please refer to our DELAC/ELAC information page

Title III 

Title III is officially known as the Language Instruction for English Learner and Immigrant Students Act. The overarching purpose is to ensure that English learner (EL) students, including immigrant children and youth, attain English language proficiency (ELP) and meet the same challenging state academic standards that other students are expected to meet.

Districts must use Title III funds to supplement state language instruction educational programs, designed to assist EL students’ achievement goals. The state educational agency, districts, and schools are accountable for increasing the ELP and core academic content knowledge of EL students.

The CDE provides subgrants to districts for English learner (EL) and eligible immigrant students on the basis of a formula. Each year, qualifying districts receive an allocation for each eligible EL student and for each eligible immigrant student enrolled in the district. The amount received varies based on the total number of qualifying students statewide and the federal funds available for each year.

EL and immigrant student funds must be used to:

  1.  increase the English language proficiency of EL and immigrant students by providing language instruction educational programs and access to challenging State academic standards. 
  2. Provide effective professional development to teachers, principals, administrators, and other school or community-based organizational personnel.

CAASPP EL Exemption Letter 2023



iusd master plan

IUSD Master Plan  (Adopted March 18, 2021)