History/Social Science

Our History and Social Science department values lifelong learning developed through inquiry and exploration of key historical concepts, as well as examination of social, economic, and political problems facing the state, nation and world. Through engaging in meaningful discussion and collaborative experiences, we work to prepare all students to be informed, broad-minded, responsible and ethical citizens in their communities.





Publisher Grade ISBN Title
Harcourt Grade 1 0153384980 Reflections: A Child's View
Harcourt Grade 2 0153384999 Reflections: People We Know
Harcourt Grade 3 9780153352078 Reflections: Our Communities
Harcourt Grade 4 0153382052 Reflections: California - A Changing State
Harcourt Grade 5 9780153385032 Reflections: Making a New Nation
Holt, Rinehart & Winston Grade 6 003074592 Ancient Civilizations or
McDougal Littell Grade 6 9780618531240 Ancient Civilizations


Below are the middle school textbooks.  Please contact your school for the specific book your site uses.

Publisher ISBN Title
Holt, Rinehart & Winston 0030733995 World History - Medieval to Early Modern Times
Holt, Rinehart & Winston 0030412285 United States History: Independence to 1914
Teacher's Curriculum Institute 1583714014 History Alive! The United States Through Industrialization
Teacher's Curriculum Institute 158371376X History Alive! The Medieval World & Beyond


Below are the high school textbooks.  Please contact your school for the specific book your site uses.

Publisher ISBN Title
Bedford & Saint Martin's 9781457628931 America's History, Sixth Edition
Beford & Saint Martin's 9780312644666 Ways of the World
Glencoe/McGraw Hill 9780073293929 Economics
Glencoe/McGraw Hill 9780078799976 Economics Principals and Practices
Holt McDougal 9780547491172 The Americans Reconstruction to the 21st Century
McDougal Littell 0395938295 Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction
Pearson 9780205865796 American Government Roots and Reform
Pearson 9780132926584 The Cultural Landscape
Pearson 9780133306996 Magruder's American Government
Prentice Hall 9780131815476 America: Pathways to the Present
Wadsworth Cengage Learning 9781133956099 Government, Fifth Edition
Worth 9780879016449 Psychology
Worth 978146113079 Psychology for AP, 2nd Edition


Irvine Unified is in the process of piloting new History-Social Science materials for K-8 students. School sites across IUSD will pilot two materials and in the Spring will decide which publisher to adopt. 


Round One: August - November
Studies Weekly - Grades K-5
National Geographic Learning - Grades 6-8


Round Two: November - January
McGraw Hill IMPACT - Grades K-1 and 6-8
Pearson myWorld - Grades 2-5


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