Middle School Arts IUSD Staff

Please click on a school name below to see the Visual Art, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, and Theatre teacher for that school.

jeffrey trail

Visual Art Teacher: Stephanie Butler
Instrumental Music Teacher: Thomas Kahelin
Vocal Music Teacher: Rosemary Montgomery
Theater Teacher: Rosemary Montgomery
Digital Media Art Teacher: Viet Nguyen, Staci Eisman


Visual Art Teacher: Bridget Mack
Instrumental Music Teacher: Nathan Robinson
Vocal Music Teacher: Nathan Robinson

plaza vista

String Music Teacher: Casey Causey
Wind Music Teacher: Mark Ghiassi
Vocal Music Teacher: Erica Turrell


Visual Art Teacher: Megan Miller
Instrumental Music Teacher: Brendan McBrien
Vocal Music Teacher: Adrienne Larsen
Digital Media Art Teacher: Dave Giertych, Trish Gilpin

sierra vista

Visual Art Teacher: Dieter Kutz, Ye Jin Choi
Instrumental Music Teacher: Henry Miller
Vocal Music Teacher: Rebekah Scott
Theater Teacher: Rebekah Scott

south lake

Visual Art Teacher: Amberleigh Adoff
Instrumental Music Teacher: Jason Grenier
Vocal Music Teacher: Jason Grenier
Theater Teacher: Jason Grenier


Visual Art Teacher: Cory Adelman
Instrumental Music Teacher: Rebecca Venlet
Vocal Music Teacher: Rebecca Venlet
Theater Teacher: Harry Meussner

vista verde

Wind Music Teacher: Mark Ghiassi
Instrumental Music Teacher: Casey Causey
Vocal Music Teacher:  Laura Shultz