Finance Committee

The Finance Committee's primary responsibility is to advise the Board of Education on Fiscal matters affecting the district.

The Finance Committee of the Irvine Unified School District is designed to act as an independent advisory committee to the Board of Education regarding the District's financial affairs and operations.

The Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the existing and future adequacy and appropriateness of district revenues and expenditures, and suggests measures to overcome possible budget constraints. Such recommendations are made to ensure the District is maximizing its revenues, is using its resources optimally, and is able to sustain effective operations long-range.

The Finance Committee regularly identifies areas of the budget or fiscal operations for in-depth analysis. Such projects are undertaken for the purpose of updating policies or practices, and/or to improve the efficiency or effectiveness of selected fiscal operations. Recognizing legal mandates relative to collective bargaining, the Finance Committee does not take a position on collective bargaining agreements.

The Finance Committee is also charged with identifying revenue enhancement strategies to mitigate reductions in state funding during periods of fiscal crisis.

The goal of the Finance Committee is to enhance public confidence in the District's ability to effectively handle its financial affairs by communicating the results of its work and projects-inprocess to the Board, and by educating the public regarding the financial position and outlook for the District.

Revised: February 1, 2011