Vandalism is defined as any damage to school equipment or facilities through criminal activities.

Any act of vandalism shall be reported upon discovery to the school administrator and, as appropriate, to the District Security Office, Superintendent's Office, the Irvine Police Department, and other agencies if deemed necessary.

The school principal shall report the nature of the vandalism and take appropriate measures to correct the act to make the facility ready and available for its intended use.

Penalties imposed will be in accordance with existing statutes, and the rules and regulations of the school. When students are found responsible, restitution shall be required as permitted by existing statutes and the principal will work with the District Business Office to determine the costs of full restitution including both direct and indirect costs.

Education Code 48904 and Civil Code 1714.1 specify that a parent/guardian may be liable for damages to school property resulting from the willful misconduct of his/her minor child.

Upon failure or default to make full payment, the matter shall be reviewed by the Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, and a recommendation for review and future consideration will be prepared.

Policy Adopted: December 9, 1991
Policy Revised: July 11, 2017