Because the cost of providing student transportation exceeds funding provided by the state, the Board of Education finds it necessary to charge student transportation fees.

Proposed transportation fee schedules shall be submitted for approval by the Board of Education. Fees shall be determined based on operating costs and in accordance with the law.

The total amount received for transportation from the state and parent/guardian fees shall not exceed the actual operating cost of home-to-school transportation during the school year.

No charge shall be made for the transportation of special education students whose Individual Education Plan requires transportation due to a disabling condition or of students whose parents/guardians are determined indigent pursuant to administrative regulations.

Upon approval of a transportation fee schedule, the Board shall certify to the county superintendent that the district has levied fees in accordance with law.

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Policy Adopted: September 25, 1992
Policy Revised: January 14, 2003

Administrative Regulation 3540: Transportation Fees

Administrative Regulation 3540.1: Home-to-School Transportation Limits