BOARD POLICY - 5131.6 

The Board of Education recognizes that the use of alcohol or other drugs adversely affects student learning, is physically and emotionally harmful, and can result in serious social and legal consequences. The use of steroids and other performance-enhancing supplements also presents a serious health and safety hazard. As part of the District's drug prevention and intervention efforts, staff shall develop comprehensive programs and activities to foster safe, healthy, and drug-free environments that support student well-being.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish and implement administrative regulations and operating procedures relating to a districtwide Substance Abuse Education Program. This educational program shall be developed in conjunction with guidelines approved by the State Board of Education and offered as a comprehensive program of experiences designed to meet the needs of individual students. The District's alcohol and drug prevention and intervention programs shall be coordinated with other school and community-based services and programs and shall promote the involvement of parents/guardians. The Superintendent or designee may collaborate with the county office of education, community-based organizations, health providers, law enforcement agencies, local child welfare agencies, postsecondary institutions, businesses, and other public and private entities in program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

The Superintendent or designee shall clearly communicate to all students, staff, and parents/guardians the District's policies, regulations, and school rules related to the use of alcohol and other drugs. Students shall not possess, use, or sell alcohol or other drugs and related paraphernalia on school grounds or at school-sponsored activities. Any student who is found to have violated this policy shall be restricted from participating in co-curricular activities and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures, including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion in accordance with the law, Board policy, and administrative regulation.

Students participating in interscholastic athletics are prohibited from using steroids, dietary supplements, synephrine or any other performance-enhancing drugs banned by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. A student who is found to have violated this policy shall be restricted from participating in athletics and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion in accordance with law, Board policy, and administrative regulation.

Legal Reference:


44049 Known or suspected alcohol or drug abuse by student

44645 In-service training anabolic steroids

48900 Suspension or expulsion (grounds)

48900.5 Suspension, limitation on imposition; exception

48901 Smoking or use of tobacco prohibited

48901.5 Prohibition of electronic signaling devices

48902 Notification of law enforcement authorities; civil or criminal immunity

48909 Narcotics or other hallucinogenic drugs

48915 Expulsion; particular circumstances
49030-49034 Performance-enhancing supplements

49602 Confidentiality of pupil information

51202 Instruction in personal and public health and safety

51203 Instruction on alcohol, narcotics and restricted dangerous drugs

51210 Areas of study

51220 Areas of study, grades 7 to 12

51260-51269 Drug education

51262 Use of Anabolic Steroids

60041 Instructional materials

60110-60115 Instructional materials on alcohol and drug education



25608 Alcohol on school property; use in connection with instruction



11032 Narcotics, restricted dangerous drugs and marijuana

11053-11058 Standards and schedules

11353.6 Juvenile Drug Trafficking and Schoolyard Act

11357 Unauthorized possession of marijuana; possession in school or on school grounds

11361.5 Destruction of arrest or conviction records

11372.7 Drug program fund; uses

11802 Joint school-community alcohol abuse primary education and prevention program

11999-11999.3 Alcohol and drug program funding; no unlawful use

124175-124200 Adolescent family life program



13860-13864 Suppression of drug abuse in schools

Policy Adopted: July 7, 1975
Policy Revised: November 1, 2005

Policy Revised:  October 16, 2018


Administrative Regulation 5131.6:  Substance Abuse