The purpose of evaluation is to improve and facilitate student learning. The total community shares responsibility for improving education. The evaluation process must be based upon the assessment of the individual. Evaluation must address itself to the whole person. No single criterion can be considered in the evaluation process. The evaluation approach must be constructive. The emphasis will be on analysis and improvement rather than appraisal of the past. Evaluation should be continual with frequent communication between teacher and student. The teacher is responsible for providing positive assistance and support. Self-evaluation is the ultimate goal.


Each school will assume the responsibility for the development of their own Pupil Reporting System. Each school's Pupil Reporting System will adhere to the following guidelines, which are in harmony with the Philosophy of Student Evaluation.

  1. Provision should be made for each parent to communicate to the school the desired goals and outcomes for their youngster for the year.
  2. Provisions should be made for students to communicate to teaching staff members their desired goals and outcomes for the year.
  3. Student assessment should be broadly based and include academic, social, emotional and physical growth.
  4. A clear delineation of the teacher's, student's and parent's role in improving the specific weaknesses and enhancing the strengths of each student should be part of the reporting system.
  5. A personalized approach should characterize the system with emphasis on conferences involving staff, parents and students.
  6. Provision should be made within the system for those exceptional cases where parents have unique needs and desires for a particular type of reporting procedure.

The Committee further recommends that an early October conference date be established to provide the opportunity to set goals with parents and students.

In order to insure that sufficient teacher time is provided to conduct parent conferences, each school will be responsible for developing a parent conference schedule. This schedule will be consistent with the district adopted instructional calendar.

Policy Adopted: March 27, 1974