The hiring of certificated staff for the Irvine Unified School District is an eight-step process. To clarify this process the following guidelines have been developed.

1.  Policy Review

Review each of the following policies and administrative regulations prior to beginning the process:

  • Personnel Recruitment and Selection
  • Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

2.  Position Identification

Identify each position to be filled adhering to the posting and reassignment procedures

3.  Personnel Requisition

  1. Send a Personnel Requisition (Appendix C) to Human Resources. Indicate whether the position is new or a replacement:
  • New position: added position for site or program.
  • Replacement position: replacement for resignation, retirement, transfer, or leave of absence.

2.    Attach job description to Personnel Requisition.

(NOTE: You must list those unique aspects of the job on the requisition, if you plan to use them as a screening tool in the selection process. Human Resources will list them on the posting notice.)

4.  Job Posting

The position will be posted in the schools and the District Office for ten working days. Secondary teaching positions in specialized areas and special program positions are listed on the job tape, as well.

Internal applicants must submit a Request For Transfer to the specific vacancy, prior to the application deadline. External candidates must have a completed application on file and have had a preliminary interview.

5.   Screening of Applicant

Request list of teachers requesting transfer to the specific position from Human Resources. (NOTE: Teachers have until 5 p.m. on the date the position closes to submit a transfer request.)

Request computer listing of applicants with the required authorization/experience from Human Resources.

6.   The Interview

The interviews are scheduled by the school/program administrator. The interview team should meet prior to the interview to review the process and to develop the standard set of questions asked of all candidates.

Candidates may have been through a general interview prior to their addition to the applicant database. The school/program interview should focus on the specific needs of the school/program.

7.   Candidate Selection/Notification to Human Resources

Complete and forward to Human Resources:

  • Recommendation for Employment or Change of Status as appropriate for candidate of choice.


  • Date and time of interview;
  • List of top three candidates;
  • List of all candidates interviewed;
  • List of questions asked all candidates;
  • Transfer Rating Sheet for each candidate if one or more are current District employees;
  • Interview Summary for each candidate;
  • Telephone Reference Summary for finalist(s);
  • List of all who served on interview team.

8.   Notification of Candidate

Following review of the recommendation by Human Resources, the administrator may notify the candidate of choice of offer of employment.

Upon acceptance of offer direct new employee to Human Resources within 24 hours for Right to Work verification (1-9), fingerprinting, and employment information (benefits, staff development requirements, payroll forms, etc.).

Notify all candidates interviewed who were not selected. (NOTE: Transfer candidates must be notified, prior to public announcement of the selection.)