All initial collective bargaining proposals of exclusive representatives of bargaining units and the Board of Education shall be presented at a public meeting of the Board of Education.  The exclusive representative shall notify the Superintendent sufficiently in advance of the presentation of its initial proposal, so that the presentation may be included as a published agenda item.

The public shall be afforded an opportunity to comment upon the initial proposals, after which, the Board may adopt the proposal.

Within twenty-four (24) hours of the presentation of a new subject of negotiations by either the employer or the exclusive representative, a copy of the proposal shall be posted.

Complaints alleging that the District or an exclusive representative has failed to comply with the Public Notice Section of the Code may be filed with the Public Employment Relations Board.

Legal Reference: Government Code:
3547 Proposals relating to representation; informing public, adoption of proposals; new subjects; regulations

Code of Regulations, Title 8:
32900 EERA and HEERA Public Notice: requirements for governing boards to adopt policy
32910 Filing of EERA complaint


Policy Adopted: March 8, 1978
Policy Revised: January 21, 1980
Policy Revised: November, 2004