It is recognized that students do their best work in school when they are placed in a grade with other students of their same chronological age. Both research and experience demonstrate that neither social promotion nor retention is effective. Therefore, our instructional policies and practices will emphasize prevention of retention, and early intervention with those students who are deemed to be at risk of retention. Likewise, interventions shall be focused on the specific areas of reading and/or mathematics diagnosed as deficient.

Students will normally progress annually from grade to grade. However, it is occasionally desirable for a student to be placed in a grade above or below his/her chronological age because of maturity, academic ability, health, background, attendance, or other contributing factors. Exceptions may be made when, in the judgment of the professional staff working with the parents, there is a clear and compelling case that has a high probability of academic benefit to the student. The district's normal appeal process will be made accessible to parents.

Multiple indicators will be used as the basis for consideration of retention or special promotion. Students being considered for retention will be identified as early in the school year as possible. Parents will be provided complete information and an opportunity to consult. A comprehensive case study shall be carried out by staff prior to a recommendation to the principal for special promotion or retention.

An Individual Intervention Plan and a Student/Parent/School Contract will be developed for any student who is retained.

Legal Reference:

Education Code
48070 Promotion and retention
48011 Admission on completing kindergarten; grade placement of pupils coming from other districts
48431.6 Required systematic review of students and grading
49067 Each governing board shall prescribe regulations regarding pupil’s achievement
56345 Elements of individualized education plan

Policy Adopted: March 7, 1984
Policy Revised: May 4, 1999
Policy Revised: January 16, 2007

IUSD Retention Parent Consent Form
IUSD Special Promotion Parent Consent Form
IUSD Agreement for Pupil to Continue in Kindergarten

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