The Board of Education recognizes that effective professional growth must continue to occur throughout the careers of all teachers to assure that teachers remain informed of changes in pedagogy, subject matter content and standards, and pupil needs. Professional growth requirements aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession are required in order to maintain the validity of the clear multiple or single subject teaching credential.

The District shall provide opportunities for certificated staff members to participate in professional growth activities to meet the requirements for credential renewal. Such opportunities as defined by the legislature and the California Commission on Teacher Certification include but are not limited to professional conferences, workshops, district staff development programs, school curriculum development projects, and systematic programs of observation and analysis.

Legal References:

Education Code
Sections 44277 through 44278
Code of Regulations, Title V Sections 80550 through 80565 of the California Administrative Code

Policy Adopted: August 5, 1986
Policy Revised: August 31, 2004

Administrative Regulation